3 simple checks before going on holidays

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Going Away? 3 Simple Checks your not doing

When going on holidays, you always remember to lock up, turn the lights off etc. But what about your plumbing? It’s something that we don’t always think about. What if you were to get a burst pipe or water leak while away? You could come back to some nasty smells as well as some costly damage. We have created 3 simple checks to complete before going on holidays.

Adding these 3 simple checks to your going away routine will take just 5 minutes and will help preserve your plumbing pipes and fixtures.

3  Simple Checks and 5 minutes that could save you Thousands

Check 1: Turn off your washing machine taps and dishwasher taps.

The water in the hoses are under pressure. This constant pressure, when not in use, over time can cause a burst in your pipes. By turning your taps off when away, you can minimise the chance of the hoses bursting. If by chance the hoses burst. The only water to come out will be the little bit that is in the pipes. The taps stop the water supply to your washing machine/dishwasher.

If you do not turn your tap off and there is a burst, there will be a constant flow of water spilling into your laundry or kitchen. This will result in high water bills, extensive damage to flooring and cabinetry. The costs go on.

Check 2: Check your storage hot water unit

If you have a storage hot water unit. Open the front flap and turn your dial setting down to the lowest setting. This will limit how many times the gas fires up to warm the water being stored. As the temperature is set to the lowest setting, the thermostat will come on less frequently. This will save you gas usage and money.

Check 3: Listen to your toilets

Go to each bathroom and check your toilet. Is there any hissing sound, continuous or intermittent? If yes, you may have a cistern leak. You should turn your stop valve off (the tap on the side of the toilet, if visible). Or call a plumber to come and fix the leak.

It is usually a matter of replacing the inlet valve. Leaving the toilet hissing will continually use water to fill your cistern when not in use. This will increase your water usage and bill.

So there you have it. 3 very simple and quick checks you can complete in 5 minutes before you go on holidays. Completing these checks will help minimise the chance of your holiday being ruined when you return and save you money.

For more tips or a service and check up of your plumbing fixture call Paul on 0419 919 753 or email paul@proplusplumbing.com.au.

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