5 Steps to confirming your water leak

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5 DIY Leak Detection Steps

5 Steps to confirming your water leak

Have you had an unexpected increase in your water bill? Do you suspect you have a water leak. Before calling a plumber out, it is always a good idea to conduct some simple tests yourself just to make sure you do have a water leak.

Usually plumbers will charge a “call out” to get to your premises. This call out will either include 15 minutes or 30 minutes of labour, (some companies do not include labour in their call out).

If you complete the below steps then you can save money by not paying the plumber to conduct the below in their first 15 or 30 minutes on site. When you get your plumber out, you will be able to give them the below information. You can then pay them to actually locate and repair your water leak.

Once you are sure you have a water leak then you should call al licensed plumber to come and find the location and conduct the repair. The Water Corporation has some helpful tips and advice on water leaks.

Confirming if you have a water leak:

Step 1: Turn off all water appliances. This includes washing machines, taps (kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and hose/garden taps) and any other appliances you may have around the house, including evaporative air conditioners.

Step 2: Read the black and red numbers on your meter. Record the black numbers from left to right. The black numbers represent kilolitres (1,000 litres) and the red numbers represent litres.

**record the red numbers after 1 minute. The difference between your starting number and the number after one minute is your water leak at Litres per minute.

Step 3: Dial not physically moving? Take another reading after 15 minutes.

Step 4: If the red numbers have changed, the test confirms there is a leak and further investigation is needed.

Step 5: Call a Licensed plumber with leak detection services to come and locate the leak.

Remember all plumbing and water works in WA must be completed by a licensed plumber.

If you have any questions or need anymore advice, feel free to call Paul on 0419 919 753 or email paul@proplusplumbing.com.au. Our advice is always free and we are happy to help.

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