Avoid blockages – Maintain your drains

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Avoid Blockages – Maintain Your Drain

Your sink wastes and drains deal with a lot of grease. When you wash your dishes, the grease and oils from the washing escapes down your drain. This grease causes blockages. As the grease or oils go down the drain it cools down as it passes through the horizontal parts of your pipes. This causes the grease to become a hard layer on the bottom of the pipe. Over time this build up causes blockages in your drains. Here is a very simple 2 minutes trick to avoiding blockages in your drains.

Gurgling sounds are a tell tale sign of a partial blockage in some section of the pipe. How do you minimise this build up? Dishes need to be done. One way to easily maintain your drains and pipes is to fill your kitchen sink with hot water and soap after a big/greasy wash. Then pull the plug and drain the water. This will allow the water to push the grease down the waste drain and into the main line.

Doing a flush of your sinks and basins 1 -2 times a month will help maintain and clear your pipes. For more free tips and tricks to help maintain your plumbing feel free to contact Paul on 0419 919 753 or email paul@proplusplumbing.com.au.

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