How to Choose a reliable Plumber

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How to Choose a Reliable Plumber

There are so many local plumbing companies out there, and all claim to be the best. No doubt there are plenty of plumbing companies that produce quality workmanship, great customer service and have a vast array of knowledge and experience to get the job done right. However, there are also plumbing companies that are not so good.

How do you know which plumbing company to choose when you need a plumber? Every Perth household should have a reliable plumber they can call on. Nobody knows when those drains will become blocked, when your pipes will decide to burst, or your when your water heater decides to pack up shop.

What do you look for when choosing a plumber? How can you trust one plumber over another? Below are a few easy checks you can make before choosing your plumber.

Beware of fake plumbers and other scams!

Make sure that you don’t fall for any plumbing scams set up by fake plumbers. A few indiscriminate scammers out there will try to pass themselves off as licensed plumbers when they don’t have the necessary qualifications.

Make sure your plumber is fully licensed before letting them in your home. All Australian tradespeople must display their license number on ads for their services, despite seeing their license number, ask to see an ID card as proof.

The Plumbers Licensing Board (PLB) is part of the Department of Commerce at the Government of Western Australia. If you have any doubts, you can also check the currency of a license at

What to look for when choosing a reliable plumber?

Here are just a few tips to follow when choosing a reliable plumber:

  • Shop around: If you already have an established and reliable plumber it’s good to keep them honest. If you have a job that could be costly, it is a good idea to ring a few plumbers in your area and get some prices. So that you can compare them evenly make sure you get the quote broken down into call out fee, hourly rate, and materials
  • Experience: this is especially important for more complex jobs. How many years experience does the plumber have? Has the plumber worked on the type of problem you have before and have the know-how to diagnose and fix the problem?
  • Equipment: Not all plumbing companies have the same equipment. Does the plumber have just the basic plumbing equipment or use the latest plumbing technology such as drain cameras, Leak detection equipment? Some companies will sub contract jobs requiring these tools, this will increase the price of the job.
  • Check insurance and guarantees: make sure your plumber is fully insured as plumbing work in and around your home can be high risk. Ask to see proof. Does your plumber provide a guarantee for the work, especially for new installations and how long is the guarantee for?
  • Availability: If you are looking for a plumber available at short notice then check their availability.
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