Why Install a Home Water Filter

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Why Install a Home Water Filter

Home water filters are becoming all the rage very fast. It is not uncommon for many houses to have some form of water filtration system on their kitchen tap or fridge. While water filtration is more and more common these days, whole home filtration systems are still un common. For some reason we tend to stop at the kitchen tap or fridge when it comes to filtered water. We use more water with showers, baths, laundry and dishes than we do drinking.

While Perth has great water, it is not completely pure and the quality of water varies depending on the area you live in. With so many minerals and sediments in our water, whole home water filtration systems make sense for a number of reasons. Below are just some reasons why we should invest in a water filtration system for our house.

Less Chemicals

By using filtered/softened water for you home you will be using less chemicals with your cleaning. Softened water eliminates the scum and grime on in your bathroom and shower screens. By using less chemicals, you are also saving money every week off your grocery shop.

Healthier and Gentle

With the increase in allergies and skin sensitivity in children, softened water eliminates dry skin and irritations such as eczema. Our kids especially at home suffer from dry skin and eczema and when our salt levels get low in our water softener our kids eczema flares up.

Better for your appliances

Hard Water due to the minerals found in our water can cause grime and scales to form on our appliances, clothes, dishes and fixtures. By prolonging the life of your taps, fixtures, appliances and clothes you will be saving thousands of dollars in replacements.

Better for your gardens and the environment

Whole home water filtration systems also allow you to be able to water your garden with pure water and exposing your plants, and pets to less minerals is always a good thing. This will also help to protect the risk of run off of hard water in your local water.

If you would like to know more about Home Water Filters, how they work or how to get one, feel free to call us on 1300 559 118 or email admin@proplusplumbing.com.au

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