4 Household Plumbing issues and what you can do

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4 Common Household Plumbing issues and what you can do

  1. Our kitchen drain has taken longer than usual to drain during the past year. Should we have it cleaned?

Try using drain cleaner maintenance products. These products are designed to remove the usual build-up of soap scum, grease and hair found in kitchen and bathroom drains. There is also a product to inhibit root growth in your main sewer line. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, then you will need to call a plumber. When calling a plumber ensure they have the equipment on hand to be able to inspect the drains and clear them in the same visit. This will save you money in multiple call outs.

  1. What to do when you hear a whistle sound in your plumbing?

The sound is usually caused by a toilet inlet valve or another type of valve that is slowly leaking. Remove the lid of each toilet, listen and adjust the inlet valve mechanism until it stops. If the problem continues contact your plumber.

  1. After a five-minute shower the water starts to turn cold. What can be done to rectify the problem?

Sometimes the element that heats the water may not be operating properly if the water heater is electric. This means the unit is not heating the water to the correct temperature This could be due to a faulty Thermostatic Valve or element. This does need to be checked out by your plumber. 

  1. My water bill is quite high. None of the taps appear to leak. What could contribute to a high water bill?

This could be due to a toilet leak. Check each of your toilets water level to make sure that there is no water overflowing in the cistern. There is an overflow pipe located in the middle of the cistern with small tubing connected to it. Another handy trick is also to put a little bit of food colouring in the tank. This will test the flush valve mechanism, if the water in the bowl changes colour within 10-15 minutes then you most likely have water leaking into the bowl meaning you will need to change your ball or flapper. If this is the case then you will need to call a plumber out to get it fixed. Leaking toilets are the leading cause of high water bills

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