Do call out fee’s mean a more expensive service?

It is well known that Plumbing companies usually charge a call out fee just to arrive at your door. This fee is also associated with higher costs, as you have to pay for the plumber to turn up [...]

4 Household Plumbing issues and what you can do

4 Common Household Plumbing issues and what you can do Our kitchen drain has taken longer than usual to drain during the past year. Should we have it cleaned? Try using drain cleaner maintenance [...]

Why Install a Home Water Filter

Bottled Water – The Dirty Truth

BOTTLED WATER – THE DIRTY TRUTH There is a common misconception that bottled water is cleaner and healthier for both you and the environment. However, that couldn’t be any further [...]

How to Choose a reliable Plumber

How to Choose a Reliable Plumber There are so many local plumbing companies out there, and all claim to be the best. No doubt there are plenty of plumbing companies that produce quality [...]

Do I need a new Hot Water System?

Do I need a new Hot Water System? When they are working, you don’t even notice it. Once it starts to fail, it is the most frustrating thing in the world. Most of the time, all a hot water [...]

Avoid blockages – Maintain your drains

Avoid Blockages – Maintain Your Drain Your sink wastes and drains deal with a lot of grease. When you wash your dishes, the grease and oils from the washing escapes down your drain. This [...]

5 Steps to confirming your water leak

Water saving tips

In Perth water is a precious resource and needs to be conserved, however it is a vital part of everyday living. We consume water in almost every daily activity. With Damn levels being low and [...]

3 simple checks before going on holidays

Going Away? 3 Simple Checks your not doing When going on holidays, you always remember to lock up, turn the lights off etc. But what about your plumbing? It’s something that we don’t [...]